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Building a Business

Referring others...

One of the ways you can maximise your membership benefits is to refer others to qualify for commission which mean your monthly membership is FREE to you! It only takes 3 referrals at a membership level the same as yours or higher. You can also learn how to get paid to travel.

Learn more by watching the videos below...

Getting Started - Basic Training

Travorium as a side hustle...

The Travorium referral/reward plan is incredibly generous and is designed to enable members to qualify for free membership AND earn more than you spend on travel.

Watch the videos on this page to learn how.

*IMPORTANT* Connect 👉

It is important to link in with the resources provided by Travorium to enable you to understand the reward programme and also how to make use of it. On the homepage of this website you will see the weekly schedule of overview meeting held live on Zoom and streamed to the Travorium Facebook Page.

Facebook Connections

Compensation Plan videos

Full Comp Plan Explained

The Gold in the Code Explained

Get 3: Teach 3

The Gold in the Travel Pack

Jim Rohn - Be curious. Influence. Learn. Inspire

Jim Rohn

The Secrets of Success (a MUST watch!)

How did we get here? by Darryl & Maria

Steps to take to introduce someone

1. Send them the FUNNEL landing page - this has 2 example savings videos on page 1 and then they link to the Webinar Presentation)

 (if you have sent them your funnel landing page and they have entered their name/email, you do not also need to send them anything else until they watched videos on BOTH pages.


as a FIRST exposure to this business.

2. Follow UP with your people AFTER you send them your FUNNEL Landing Page link. I cannot emphasise the important of this enough....

3. When you follow up make sure they have watched the webinar (I will post names of those who register for webinars in the group on telegram) - and if they want MORE information immediately (and if appropriate), you can do two things. a) set up a 3 way with me or Darryl, 2) invite them a live meeting.

4. When you follow up - If your people query the cost of membership as against savings made, again show them the 'cost & value' video (this is the video which appears on page 2 of your funnel): - this video explains what the costs are and exactly what you get for your membership (including the ability to get their membership for free).

There is one addition link you can share with prospects if appropriate. This is a summary of the business given when Todd and Maria Roberts attended a huge travel convention in the USA this summer: 

The 3 video links above in blue are sharable and do NOT need a password. Do NOT give the password to this website out to ANYONE. Sorry for the repetition but it is important that this is understood.

5. SET your HOT prospects up with a 3 way chat with me (Anna) on Facebook Messenger or Telegram (please don't use Whatsapp or SMS). Please do not set people up with a 3-way unless they have been through your funnel FIRST.

6. GET THEM REGISTERED AS A MEMBER ASAP. Your joining link is contained within your FUNNEL PAGES and the emails sent on your behalf. Make sure you know what this link is so you can send it directly if you need to. It is in your Travorium back office (ask if you get stuck).

7. Let me (Anna) know when you have signed someone up. I will need to know who they are in order to connect them to the team material. Please collect their email and mobile number and hook with up with me via Facebook Messenger or Telegram. They must add me as a friend on Facebook. I will send them an invitation to our BOARDS app and our Telegram Group.

Anna on Facebook:


My mobile number: 079 800 89 541


I work directly with Darryl & Maria (top income earners in Travorium signed up under Todd Strand). They have created TRAINING site for their people which you will hear them talk about on corporate trainings: 


REASON 1: their full name is on every video. If you share these videos, you run the risk that YOUR prospects 'may' LOOK THEM UP on social media, and JOIN THEM. If you are going to share these videos with YOUR people, make sure you follow up with your prospects ASAP and ensure they have YOUR joining link.

REASON 2: I edit ALL videos produced by Darryl & Maria to simply remove their full names and create links for you to share. THEN there is no risk of that 👆 happening.

Feel free to visit the site above to WATCH these videos and feel free to LEARN from them, they are amazing people and amazing leaders along with Todd Strand who is the top earner in the company.


You will find edited versions of Darryl and Maria's videos ALREADY embedded in the shareable links we use as a team and in your funnel. These links are in the 'important links' folder on Boards.

Darryl & Maria have produced a 7 Steps to prospecting document (click here)

NB: this document contains messages to send to prospects using 'old school' techniques.


These messaging techniques DO work, but I you will also find training on BOARDS and in the TELEGRAM Group teaching social selling mastery and influencer marketing skills using social media. 

5. Please make SURE you have joined the Facebook Groups and Pages I have listed above: click here. These pages contain resources for your business, so if you are serious, you need to be connected and plugged in to the Corporate trainings and meetings also.


6. TAG your interested people in the Travorium Page streamed Opportunity videos (except Saturday which is training for members with company news and updates - not really for prospects). The schedule is available on the homepage of this site - UK time is also shown. Remember Pacific Time is 8 hours BEHIND the UK. The best option for the Opportunity meetings (when you are in UK time zone) is to watch the recording on the page the next morning.  The training on Saturday morning Pacific Time is early evening (5pm) UK time.

7. Watch the Saturday Training on the Travorium Facebook Page (5pm UK time/9am PT) and tag your own team members (always check the times as they can change...)

Everything streamed on the Travorium Facebook page is live streamed and recorded - so you will always be able to scroll back to find a recording of each meeting. Again, please do not share these videos across your social media.

8. Keep an eye on the Team Telegram group. As you know, I share social posts from time to time for you to use with generic branding. These posts follow essential pillars of creating curiosity and setting you up as an influencer. Please only share URLs in less than 10% of posts. The idea is that people ask you what you are doing...and for more info.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. Our telegram group has various folders. You will find relevant content in each. I also have direct chats set up with teams and individuals so please feel free to use whichever channel is best of you.

Please don't share Travorium Facebook Page or Group posts on your social media - or posts with the Travorium logo on. If you are creating your own posts from the Travel Site or Getaways/World Tours, please ensure you crop off the Travorium logo. Again, this is to create curiosity - so people don't go off and start researching on their own and find someone else's link to join.


(NB: you DO NOT need to give someone the site password to view the two videos above in step 3, and 4. They are not password protected pages. The rest of the team site is for registered members ONLY. Please do not share this site URL or password with unregistered prospects).

1 January 2023 - New Year Training (US & UK) - replay

New Yer Training
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