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Booking travel

The discounts available...

Getting started - basic training

Why & how it all started...

Back Office Familiarisation

Quick start guide to the back office & benefits:

Accessible for ALL levels of membership - SILVER, TITANIUM & PLATINUM:

Under membership services you will find a drop down for - 

- Travel site (this is your place for searching like - it has destinations all over the world. Click on room rates and it will show you the comparible RRP and the club member prices.  When you make a booking through the travel site, you also earn Loyalty Reward points which you can redeem against future bookings through the travel site. This makes them even cheaper. (These are NOT your monthly travel points from Titanium and Platinum membership)

- Membership savings - you have all kinds of code in here for discounts on LOADS of things - lifestyle and travel related - including some of the names we know well.


Titanium & Platinum Memberships

- Trip incentive - this is where you can book your free (pay taxes only) member incentive trip (Titanium & Platinum membership)

Under Dreamcation Platform you will find:

- Overview (which gives you some blurb and reminds you of your current points, and membership status).

- *Getaways - these are trips curated by Travorium (premium properties) where they have negotiated lower rates against which you can redeem your monthly travel points against each booking to buy down the rate further, often to £0/$0.

- *World Tours - these are trips curated by Travorium (4 and 5 star and good board status) where they have a large block room booking. You can, for example, arrange to go here with other Travorium members (i.e. friends and family members who are not part of your immediate family with their own membership). Dates are shown for each month and you redeem your monthly travel points against each booking to buy down the rate further.

You will see that both *World Tours and *Getaways come in to their own when you have been a member for 3 - 4 months.

They REALLY come in to their own when you have referred 3 others and have your own membership for FREE.

**Travel Pack**

There is a new Travel Pack of 2000 points ($999) -  so that people can buy points to use immediately against Getaways and World Tours (as if the Travel Site discounts we’re enough!). The interesting point about this is: When someone buys this, they will then qualify for DOUBLE commissions on all referrals from that point onwards. 

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